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Click click click

Posted on 2006.02.08 at 15:48
Goodness gracious.

I am in the library on campus and WHO KNEW this was such a hoppin place? I practically had to gouge a girls eyeballs out for this computer. Not really, but I DID have to walk all the way to the back corner to the only empty computer, which I think is a close comparison. The keyboard is WHACK, the space bar is um about the 2 inches tall, which is really throwing me off. This place is noisy for a library, but what can we expect with about 75 computers and everyone click clicking away.

So, I just took my first math exam, which I think I did really well on. I caught alot of my errors that I would have left on the test which is why I have a C in a math for dummies class. Unbelievable. This woman is a nutjob! I didn't source my map, so I got a 70. I wrote on the back of a sheet of paper, so I got a 70. That was all I got points taken off for. Un. Believable.

(gasp) shut up! yeah? (gasp) nu uh! (gasp) oh im going to throw up. I kid you not, this is the verbatum conversation on the computer across from me.

anyways. So, needless to say, I find it hard to not sit in the back of my math class and GLARE at my math teacher throughout the entire lesson. Oh well. I think I did really well on the exam. I'm hoping.

So, last night I was reading the bible, which I will be the first to admit I haven't done in a LONG time. So, I couldn't decide what I wanted to read (I play bible roulette) So I decided to read something that I know was going to motivate me to keep reading, so I started on my favorite book again- Romans. So I am reading and I read one verse that hit me like a brick.

BAH! Rachael my super amazing new roomy just called BYE

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